The Best Way To Deliver Bad News

Guess what? There is bad news out there and sometimes it’s going to be your job to deliver it to an audience. Nope, this is not going to be an easy thing to do; however, it does need to be done and you are going to have to make sure that you do a good job of doing it. As with so many other things in life, it turns out that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing all of this.

Just Say What You’ve Got To Say

I don’t like delivering bad news and I’m willing to bet that you don’t like doing it either. The problem is that because we don’t look forward to this task, we can sometimes attempt to “soften the blow” and instead of telling our audience what they deserve to hear, we instead spend a great deal of time working our way up to the big announcement. Make sure that you don’t do this. It’s not fair to your audience and this is not what they have come to hear you.

Instead, what you are going to want to do is to deliver the bad news to your audience as quickly as possible. The one thing that you are going to want to avoid doing is building suspense with your audience. When you deliver the bad news, you are going to want to make sure that you leave no doubts about what your message is. As you deliver your message, take care to make sure that the words that you are using will not stir any emotion in your audience.

Speakers who are experienced in delivering bad news recommend that in our speech we deliver the bad news only once and that we do not repeat ourselves. Additionally, in this kind of speech, the words that we use are going to be very important. We are going to want to avoid using words that have a negative connotation associated with them. These types of words include “mistake”, “misunderstanding”, dismal” and “unfortunately”.

Make A Connection With Your Audience

Telling your audience the bad news that they have been expecting to hear is only one part of your job as the bearer of bad news. You are going to have to take things one step further. Once you share the bad news with them, they are all going to have one question that they are going to want you to answer next. This question is, of course, “what does this mean for me?”.

This is where you are going to have to have done your homework. Your speech will not count for much if you can’t answer this critical question for your audience. When you are providing the answers to this question, you are going to want to use the word “you” if it is at all possible. If you find yourself addressing a large audience, then this just might not be possible to do. However, if you can’t, then you’ll need to at least be as specific as possible. By doing your homework, you should have numbers available to you and this should help you to address the other question that your audience will be dealing with: “when”.

Provide Facts That Support What You Are Saying

Doing the research needed to support the speech that you’ll be giving is always a good idea. When you are called on to deliver a speech with bad news in it, this becomes and even more critical task. You are going to want to follow up your delivery of bad news with details about what will be going on, reasons for the actions that are being taken, and your predictions about what will be unfolding in the future.

By providing your audience with facts about what is happening, you will be able to show them that your message is not made up. Rather it is realistic and is based on facts. This may be a very good time for you to share with your audience other potential solutions that were considered and then tell them why they ended up not being selected.

In order for this part of your speech to be successful, you are going to have to build on the first part of your speech. If you were able to both capture and hold your audience’s attention from the start of your speech, then you should be able to deliver this part of your speech to an attentive audience. Do keep in mind that some circumstances will require that you follow a company procedure for delivering this type of news. Take care to meet those guidelines while still meeting the needs of your audience.

What All Of This Means For You

There is no question that delivering bad news to an audience is a challenging thing to do. However, when we are called on to perform this task, we need to step up and do it correctly. The one thing that we want to avoid doing is not being clear and attempting too hard to soften the blow.

When delivering bad news, the best thing to do is to simply get right to the point of your speech. Give your audience the bad news that they are expecting. Don’t take time to try to explain why the news that you’ll be giving is not so bad. After you have shared the bad news, you then quickly have to answer the question that everyone in your audience will be asking: what does this mean for me? In order to do a good job of providing this answer, you will have had to do your homework.

Bad news is not an easy message to deliver. However, with a bit of practice and if we are willing to just jump in there and do it, then it can be done. No, your audience is not going to be happy to hear what you have to tell them, but they are going to be eager to get this task out of the way. Treat your audience with respect and provide them with the answers to the questions that they have and everyone will then be able to move on with their lives that much quicker.

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A Zero Hours Employment Contract and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

A Zero Hours Employment Contract is designed to create the arrangement between an employer and an employee according to which employees are called when there is work for them to implement. In such cases, employers are not obligated to offer the employees on zero hours employment regular work, but when they offer employees work, the latter have to accept the offers. At certain intervals there are new conditions in the specific areas, so contracts of this type can be updates as necessary in order to provide better protection for the employer who is a party to such a contract. If both parties to the contract have mutual obligations, then employees also have all the pertinent employment protection.Under contracts for zero hours employment, employers can retain a certain group, or pool, of workers who can fill temporary positions whenever such positions arise. The employees treated in that manner are not of self employment status, as there is a global contract that comprises also the periods when they are not working for the specific company.There can also be situations in which employers have no obligations to offer work, and employers are not obligated to accept offers regarding work they have to do, and then casual work contracts can be concluded.The specific details to be included in a zero hours employment contract comprise the following data and descriptions as relevant: the duties and the job title of employees; the date of commencement of such type of employment and the period of continuous employment; the employees’ availability for work for the company; the availability of work from the company; the hours of work if applicable; the place of work; the amount and method of payment, etc. The other particular can include confidentiality requirements, collective agreements, grievance procedures, disciplinary procedures, data protection, changes to the terms and conditions under which employment is implemented, the governing laws and jurisdiction.There are people who can find it more convenient to work on zero employment contracts. They can be individuals who need just occasional earnings. However, it should be pointed out that they are not guaranteed steady and regular amounts of work at regular intervals, and so they are exposed to the risk of being misused. Employers can ask such employees to stop work when there are quiet periods without work to be done, but they can require such employees to remain in the workplace in the event that the need for carrying out work arises.Although employees that have concluded a zero hour employment contract with their employers are not guaranteed fixed number of hours per week or per month, such type of contract can be a good method of arranging to receive certain payments if they have to remain at home and look after members of their household, for example. They can remain on call under the contract, and go to work only when the need arises for them to do the type of work they are required to do under that contract.

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How Modern Computer Systems, Like Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii, Can Improve Health and Fitness

The gaming industry is forever at the receiving end of wide-spread criticism from parents, teachers and critics. Most games are ‘Violent’ with nothing but “blood, gore and battles’, it is often said. To a large extent, it’s true and the gaming industry does have an Achilles heel. However, did you ever think that Health and Fitness can be improved by playing games on modern gadgets like Xbox and Nintendo Wii? Could playing games be possibly therapeutic? Some research seems to suggest so:It reduces pain: If you are wondering how playing video games can reduce pain, according to the American Pain Society, our focus diverts away from any seemingly bothering pain points on your body and makes you to forget about pain, at least temporarily. More specifically, the study reports that patients undergoing Chemotherapy reported a great level of stress reduction and lessened fear. It is believed that the brain releases endorphins during gaming that generally makes us feel good.Learning: While it might seem totally counter-intuitive, games play a crucial role in learning and development. According to an article on, games fall into the category of “interactive multimedia” where learning occurs through user control. For instance, a game called “Discover Babylon” enables students to scour through an ancient Mesopotamian route and time just by using basic skills like mathematics, reading and writing. In yet another game called Chemsense, students can tinker with chemical compounds and experiment virtually. Most of the other modern games on Xbox, Play station and Personal computers might be termed as ‘violent’ by critics, but there’s a sense of spatial skills development, cognitive learning, adapting to various environments, etc.Motivation: Games are intensely engaging and users usually experience a heightened state of excitement during play time. The scores, leader boards, team play, group wins, individual wins all provide a pumped up level of motivation for users – the very reason why games are so addictive. In fact, this addiction is a growing concern in the U.S alone with about 92%of kids under the age 18 play regularly. While the addiction part of the story is disconcerting indeed, when played in moderation games can really keep users’ energy levels up, bring out a sense of “fighting to win” and invoke an increased level of action among users.A Sharp and alert Mind: Playing video games, online games or even massive multi-player games have a direct impact on the level of alertness of your mind. CBS news mentions a report released at the University of Rochester, gamers who play games like Grand Theft Auto and Counter-strike have better visual skills, faster cognition, have quick reflexes and have a better ability to process information quickly.When we believe that anything in excess is bad, it holds good for the time spent on video games. While there are alcoholics, smokers and gluttons there are addicted gamers too. As it stands for most things, moderate use is acceptable and even beneficial in many cases; so are games.

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