Nutrition and Education – Three Secrets for a Lifetime of Success!

I’d like to begin by sharing with you a very interesting and inspiring fact about my children. One is twenty; the other is twenty one, and if you were to ask them right now what their favorite foods are you’d get the same answer they’ve given since they were in high school. Can you guess? They’d say their favorite foods are salads! Pretty impressive don’t you think? Interesting and unusual because that’s sure not the answer you’d get from most of their friends. They love fresh, organic and local fruits and veggies. They thrive on the eggs we get from a local farm. They’ve always eaten close to the earth and almost no boxed, canned or packaged foods. You might be thinking it’s much more expensive to eat this way and who but the wealthy can afford this way of eating especially in these times of recession. We’ll get to that, and you’ll be surprised at how your perception might shift when you hear some very cool facts.Our kids were home schooled for many years because we believed little kids naturally want to move, play, learn all day from the time they wake up till the time their little heads hit the pillow in a heap of joyful exhaustion. This felt more normal than having them ‘need’ to sit still, stop squirming, pay attention with their minds only, and learn academics only one way ~ at a desk, in a stuffy classroom where no fresh air was allowed in, and for hours and hours every day. There’s no judgment, just observation and opinion. They later chose to enter the public school system and there they stayed until high school graduation. They observed a change in their study habits, mid afternoon energy levels, and love of learning based on foods and drinks offered in the vending machines and cafeteria, and the way they were made to learn. Who better to understand the co relation between nutrition and education than our kids themselves! Listen and learn. It’s simple and easy if you allow your kids to guide you in these very important areas, especially from a very early age once you’ve chosen to introduce them to healthy choices and they don’t know any different. If you’re reading this and your kids are older, middle school or high school age, changes are still able to be made, and need to be made if they’re not feeling their best, operating on a full tank of energy, or calm and alert in their minds. It’ll just be a little trickier and you and they need to be more patient while the body adjusts slowly to healthier choices. Also for the mind to accept a better way is a more consistent way of perceiving food as medicine and medicine as food.You’ve heard all the data and evidence about healthy eating and the relationship between good nutrition and a focused mind. You’ve read articles, books and magazines about how our schools are feeding your kids nutrient deficient foods laden with hidden fats, sugars and chemicals. You know it’s not their fault that they may be overweight, more sedentary than ever before because of the time spent in front of electronics rather than playing outdoors. So let’s get to these secrets! They all have one thing in common: they appeal to the senses which makes it easy to eat right pretty much all the time!Secret Number 1: only stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy stuff!Keep the fridge full of color, so when everyone in your home opens the door their sense of sight is delighted! To see a bowl of apples, one of oranges, lemons, and berries is enticing. A small bowl you’ve filled with water and have cut up carrot and celery sticks is available for an immediate hunger burst. Healthy little baby bell and laughing cow cheeses, fun to unwrap and a low calorie nibble of protein satisfies quickly. Some other form of lean protein like chicken fingers you’ve made yourself from an easy recipe using a lean organic chicken breast cut into stirps, dipped in an egg wash, a whole wheat flour/parmesean cheese and panko breadcrumb mixture and lightly fried in canola oil offers another quick and easy nutritious gift for you and your family. (I’ve got many recipes coming soon on my website to help you with quick and simple healthy meals you can make once a week to have on hand).Fill a platter that has separate compartments or areas with various nuts and dried fruit ~keep it on the counter, again for a quick healthy snack, because in our society everything is wanted now and needs to be quick to satisfy ~ these suggestions pack a great nutritional punch for sustained energy releases and forget the bagged chips, creamy dips, frozen boxes of stuff with pink dipping sauces, and go for the good stuff that regulates emotions and keeps you and your loved ones in perfect health.As for drinks, considering the majority of the world is in water crises, we’re so fortunate and blessed to be able to turn on our taps and drink pure water ~ water is the most thirst quenching liquid you can drink, and is by far our family’s best choice. Sometimes a little juice we mix one quarter orange, grapefruit, pommegranete or other dark juice with three quarters water. Usually that’s with a salad, or on it’s own. Get an eco friendly cool looking little re usable water bottle for each member of the family and keep it filled with cool water in the fridge ~ kids love something of their very own and will find it an easy and fun responsibility to keep their bottle full of water! I plan on writing an article specifically on the amazing benefits of water so trust me, it’s the most wonderful choice you can offer your kids for bathing all their trillions of cells in a hydrated powerful way!This secret alone has the potential to create a lifelong love of preventative health through nutrition, and costs much less than lack of ease that develops in the body through poor food and drink choices; and resulting in sicknesses, illnesses and discomforts of all sorts.Lastly on secret number one is that you can go to a store like Trader Joes and pick up a bag or two of all these foods for an incredibly low price. Much less so than you’d think! Organic meats, chickens, and fish; fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, tasty little treats like frozen mocha balls which kids find fun to eat and have far less sugar than other typical ice cream treats.Secret Number 2: Instill in your kids a love of learning! Education isn’t just experienced in a classroom, and home work a necessary addition to that. Encourage them to question everything. To ask after all the things they’re curious about, and to keep on being curious about anything and everything. It’s not always a popular way to be because most kids just follow what they’re told, and get along just fine. For a lifetime of success, defining success as a happy wholesome balanced self referred way to live through the ebbs and flow of life with grace, dignity and kindness, get your kids use to the love of learning about their inner and outer worlds. Do this by talking about their dreams together; by encouraging them to try things they’re interested in without forcing a commitment for lengthy periods of time; by adjusting and tweeking schedules to make room for the unusual; allow them to be kids and no matter what they’re living situations let them ask you about it, and answer simply, rather than saying something like, ‘because I said so’… watch and witness the joy in their eyes and let that inspire and inform your own life! Listen actively to them.Secret number 3: Go with the flow. Truly, let your life speak to you and follow your own passions either as a vocation or an avocation, because rather than following the crowd, or settling for less than, be brave and shift directions even slightly in order to allow for a life of more peace for yourself. Many circumstances are not in our control; life is tough sometimes, disappointing, rough to the emotional stability of our balanced personality; and sometimes the best made plans are thwarted through no fault of our own; sometimes we gain everything we desire; and sometimes we lose everything that makes us comfortable and secure. If you can be like the mighty oak, sturdy in your inner foundation and flow, bend and bow like the gentle willow tree you’ll be teaching your kids through action, to choose well. Eat healthily, and exercise even 20 minutes of dancing round the living room a day; keep on expanding and exploring your thoughts so you remain youthful and alive to life. What a great gift for your kids to witness and for them to emulate. Be a colorful shining example of what it’s like to creatively keep your home full of health giving foods. Continue to educate yourself on whatever pleases you, and even if you’re in a job you aren’t thrilled about, find the gifts in your daily grind ~ so you lift your vibration to draw a more pleasing better fitting job to you. The only constant in life is change, and if you can go with the flow you’ll create a lifetime of success within the hearts and minds of your kids!

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The Pitfalls of Farmers Insurance

Farmers insurance is more specialised than some other insurance policies in that not only does farmers insurance cover every aspect of the business but it can also cover the private dwelling as well.There are many possible ‘bolt ons’ to farm insurance which can cover such things as farm buildings, the farm house (basically householders insurance), livestock, equipment, business interruption and personal possessions.It is becoming increasingly apparent that many farmers have an inadequate level of farmers insurance partly due to the inability to support the cost of the insurance premiums but also as a result of the continually changing needs of farmers insurance which is becoming ever more complex.One of the main areas that farmers have proved exposed in recent years is the lack of farmers insurance relating to environmental issues surrounding the use of chemicals on the farm. Many farmer insurance policies physically exclude any damage due to chemical leakage or damage due to the use of chemicals around the farm despite the high costs that can be associated with chemical disasters which could leave many farmers in financial ruin. What is worse is that most farmers are blissfully unaware that they do not have chemical insurance cover!For those farmers that do not have the cost of chemical cleanups and other costs associated with chemical disasters included in their farmers insurance could find themselves in a no win situation in any claim that is anyway related to chemicals.It is vitally important that all farmers actually understand exactly what is and is not included in their farmers insurance policy and take steps towards obtaining cover for those areas of their business which perhaps remain unintentionally without insurance cover.Another area in which some farmers leave themselves exposed is when they allow but are not insured for shooting or other forms of recreational pursuits held on their land. Farmers should seek legal advice to ensure that they are covered for any use of their land either through farmers insurance or by means of legal disclaimers.In addition, farmers need to be consciously aware of the ever changing needs relating to their farmers insurance making sure any changes in working practices or use of the farm are fully covered through there farmers insurance policy and that, as a matter of habit, they continuously remove unsafe objects or fix anything that might pose as a danger to farm workers or the general public as they are out and about on the farm.

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Farmers Insurance Agency Offers Advice To Help Ensure Financial Health

Omaha insurance agent and philanthropist, suggests the following to ensure financial health for the year ahead and beyond:
Develop a budget and stick to it. Start by making two columns, one for expenses and the other for income, and total them. Whether you make as much as you spend or not, see where you can cut corners, such as on luxury items, pay down debt and increase savings

Add line items to your budget such as for taxes, savings, college and vacation funds

Add financial goals to your everyday calendar, such as paying off student loans by a certain time. Consider paying off the largest balances first and try transferring outstanding balances to lower-interest-rate accounts

Consistently view credit card and bank records to make sure transactions are accurate and see where you can cut spending

Pay credit card bills in full, cut up the cards you don’t need and try to use cash whenever possible

Take advantage of programs through work such as discounts on phones, computers and fitness memberships

When shopping, buy in bulk, clip coupons, look for sales, shop around, purchase generic or store brand, and stick to the shopping list

At home, use a programmable thermostat, evaluate the air system to find holes that need repair, and get rid of the home phone and bundle your cell phone plan into a family plan

Take care of your car’s engine and tires to save on gas and repair

See if there are any extra expenses you can eliminate, such as getting rid of cable and switching to Netflix or Hulu for a small monthly rate. Some subscriptions like Amazon Prime already come with TV and Video included.
Some of these tips might seem like big changes, however once you start making these changes and seeing results, they become daily/monthly habits. Practicing theThrough hard work, dedication and attending both passionately and professionally to the needs of clients, Manley and his small team at his Farmers Insurance agency in Omaha, Nebraska have grown the agency into the largest Farmers Insurance agency in the state. His agency also is the second largest for the entire Farmers Insurance region.Manley’s service to the community includes support of the Siena/Francis house, Restoration Exchange, Homeward Bound animal rescue, the Ronald McDonald House, and The Stephen Center.Give him a call at (402) 391-1656 and he’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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